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Reset, Restore, & Revitalize Your Health From Within
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My name is Alicia. I went to Dr. Lindsey at Oak Creek Chiropractic because I have pain in my lower back, shoulder, and neck areas. Dr. Lindsey was able to relieve the pain and gave me some good advice on future treatment.

Before Seeing Dr. Lindsey, I had horrible headaches several times a week. They really made daily life difficult. With regular visits to Dr. Lindsey, I was able to reduce my headaches to just a few a month and they weren't nearly as bad! She's been a real lifesaver!

I cannot begin to express my satisfaction with Dr. Lindsey. From the first visit to the last, I became a new healthier version of myself. Each and every appointment Dr. Warta was courteous, professional, and made my visit as comfortable as she could. When I began to see her I was unable to work out very long or do laborious work for more than a few hours. She has helped me eliminate my lower back and hip pain to where I am now back in the gym working out 4-5 days a week and still have enough left to do yard work. Her healing programs work, and with the addition of her passion for her job, it instilled a trusting relationship I rarely have with other doctors. Thanks Dr. Lindsey & Staff.

Alicia Birney, 43

Vicki Brannon, 35

Kaitlin Mitchell, 26

Dr. Lindsey is a terrific doctor and chiropractor. I had never received treatment before as I wasn't exactly confident this was for me. After our first meeting she was able to diagnose a few areas that needed help i.e. my entirely way too stiff body for a 25 year old. She quickly developed a plan that would end up making a huge difference for me. After just the 1st visit, I could feel the changes. 5 weeks later my whole body was in sync, and couldn't have been more pleased. Very professional and incredibly fun, if you have any doubt about this sort of thing, please go give Dr. Lindsey a try and thank me later!

Graham Young, 25


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