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How can chiropractic help kids with special needs you ask?

All of our kids on this great planet are special, but there are some out there that need a little extra help to develop the connections between their bodies and their brains. You may not think that chiropractic could help kids with this need, but as specialists of the nervous system in the body, chiropractors can do just that! Special needs conditions such as Autism, ADD/ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, etc. are nervous system delays in development. It is true that these kiddos require more work than kiddos without these delays in development, but we here at Oak Creek Chiropractic are willing to put in the extra hours to better the lives of these kiddos! When any child is born, he or she is born with primitive reflexes, such as grasping a finger when put in the palm or turning to nurse when he or she is touched at the side of the mouth. Most times, these reflexes are diminished to where they don't appear any longer by the age of 1 year old, but sometimes these reflexes can be retained and cause developmental delays in children. There are special adjustments and exercises that are specifically used to help in development for these kids. 

It's amazing how many lives can be impacted with care for just one little kiddo with special needs! Once his or her life is bettered, that change impacts everyone around him or her. This can be seen through parents, teachers, friends, and anyone else that the child sees on a regular basis! Who can ask for more than that?

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