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Rocktape is a type of tape that Fascial Movment Taping (FMT) utilizes in many different stages of corrective and performance care. These are some of those stages set by Rocktape and FMT companies.

1) Rehab Specific: demystifying kinesiology taping for acute pain control


2) Edema Control: simple yet effective method to reduce swelling and chronic edema


3) Posture Control: structural approach which corrects postural biomechanical dysfunction


4) Neurological: taping method to augument neuromobilization (nerve flossing) techniques


5) Pregnancy: focuses on common physical ailments experienced by pregnant women, but many of these ailments can be experienced by non-pregant patients as well


6) Power Taping Method for Sports Performance: revolutionary new concept that can be used to proactively improve performance for competitive athletes

Carpal Tunnel Taping

Pregnancy Belt Taping

Edema Control Taping

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