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Kiddo chiropractic is absolutely AMAZING and nothing like adult chiropractic! Kiddos' spines and joints can get misaligned giving subluxations pretty easily with all of the running around, bumps/falls, and all the exploring that they do from the time they come into this wonderful world we live in! Removing nerve interference is especially important for kiddos to support their developing brains and bodies, and chiropractors are made just for this. As kiddo's brain develops, nerves are sending impulses back and forth between the brain and body by way of their senses. When one of these impulses is blocked the correct information cannot get to the desired destination and can stunt the development and cause problems as the kiddo grows up, giving some autistic and behavioral issues. Chiropractors can help with many conditions in infancy such as flattened heads, called Plagiocephaly, sinus congestion, colic, nursing issues, and just all over health. Nursing issues can be caused by lip or tongue ties, while colic can be caused by digestive issues that may stem from the nursing issues. Every kiddo is different and a chiropractor can easily adapt the care to each specific kiddo! Don't ever hesitate to ask your chiropractor about anything, regardless if you think she can help or not! If not, she will be able to send you whereever you need to go! 

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