Our staff at Oak Creek Chiropractic is here to make your life easier! Our other shining lady is named Jessica, and she runs the background of our office! She is our compliance officer, so if you have any issues, you can bring them to her! She helps to keep this office completely compliant, so that your personal information is locked up tight with absolutely no exceptions!

She wanted to share her own personal chiropractic story with you too so here goes.

I began having lower back and hip pain while pregnant with my first child, which progressively got worse during my second pregnancy. I was unaware that I could receive chiropractic treatments while pregnant so the issue of course became out of control. After having our children, I would constantly seek chiropractic care for joint pain. As I got older I learned more of the benefits of regular chiropractic health care and have been on a maintenance plan ever since! 

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