Our staff at Oak Creek Chiropractic is here to make your life easier! Whether that be showing you to the treatment room, taking you on/off of the awesome intersegmental traction table, helping figure out the financials, or just answering any questions that you may have. Kerianne, our office manager is the heart and soul of this practice! She keeps this place running like a well-oiled machine to allow everything to run smoothly without disruption.

I will be greeting you at the door when you come to visit! Before starting to work with Dr. Warta, I did not have much experience with chiropractic care. I had only been seen by a chiropractor a couple times for headaches and did not follow my treatment plan. After starting here and seeing the benefits of following a consistent treatment plan, I regret not following my treatment plan in the past. I am a Registered Nurse and it has been very interesting to learn a whole new side of the medical field. I never realized or understood what all benefits you could achieve with chiropractic treatments.

Look into what we offer and can help you with to get you to feeling you best possible self! Chiropractic does work wonders! Contact me today at 785-472-2625 to get yourself on the path of better health!